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Avantune’s Cloud Management Platform Offers A Fast ROI For A Leading Oil & Gas Company!

A European leader in the Oil & Gas industry was looking for innovative ways to:

  • Lower costs and improve the ROI from every division within the company
  • Keep up with latest technology for oil exploration and drilling in order to maintain a competitive edge
  • Keep costs down and invest in technology to stay ahead of competition at the same time

Avantune’s Powua (Cloud Management Platform) approached it by providing solution in the following 5 areas: Read More →

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The Small Business Analytics Problem is Painful

The Small Business Manager is Challenged with Too many Business Intelligence choices. How does one makes sense ?

There are more than 50 mainstream business intelligence/analytics platforms available today that can help solve many different problems. Analytics, one of the highest priority items for any informed organization today, consist of features an functionalities that help work with data. Read More →

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Is the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Business Outdated?

Over the last few weeks I was fortunate to meet a large number of Managed Service providers (MSP’s) at two separate industry events in Toronto. At both these events, focused at MSP’s, and through all my conversations, one thing that resonated throughout was the dire state in which Managed Service providers are currently conducting business. I am sharing my thoughts to help make sense of what the industry is going through and how the inability to adapt can lead to the slow death of an otherwise highly successful industry. Read More →


To Legacy with Love – Saying the Final Farewell in the Cloud is Never Easy !

Cloud computing can get confusing sometimes. For IT professionals who have been part of technology for the last years sometimes new terminology is just a way to redefine things that were done in the past. “We’ve done that since 1995”, or “We used to do that in the 80’s”, is not an uncommon response that we sometimes hear when we speak about new things. Cloud computing is one such area that has its roots in the 1970’s when the Remote Job Entry system did somewhat of what todays Cloud computing technology does, but at a very small, miniature scale. Today I wanted to simplify Cloud Computing the example of a legacy technology that we have come across at some stage or the other. It’s an older legacy technology that actually may have paved way for the technology revolution today. Read More →