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Avantune’s Cloud Management Platform Offers A Fast ROI For A Leading Oil & Gas Company!

A European leader in the Oil & Gas industry was looking for innovative ways to:

  • Lower costs and improve the ROI from every division within the company
  • Keep up with latest technology for oil exploration and drilling in order to maintain a competitive edge
  • Keep costs down and invest in technology to stay ahead of competition at the same time

Avantune’s Powua (Cloud Management Platform) approached it by providing solution in the following 5 areas:

  • Infrastructure on Demand 
Avantune’s Powua offered this company with a scalable model to create and manage their virtual infrastructure. An automated system means that system administrators can bypass heavy lifting by automatically provisioning storage, virtual machines, operating systems, and more. This considerably reduced the overall workforce needs and helped IT focus on more critical tasks such as security, implementation and design rather than infrastructure mgmt.
  • Infrastructure Flexibility 
This Oil & Gas company wanted to be agile while eliminating recurring expenses when it came to infrastructure. Due to their ongoing project needs and work seasonality they sometimes went for weeks without using any of their heavy IT infrastructure, which essentially rendered the investment useless until it was used next. This downtime was calculated to be over 23% of their overall utilization; an additional expense that could be eliminated. Avantune’s Powua, through its ability to scale up and down on demand, was a key factor that helped this company achieve a leaner, yet effective, IT model.
  • Application Hosting – Avantune’s Powua offered the company the ability to leverage their flexible infrastructure and create multiple types of cloud deployments. This included Private, Hybrid and Public platform options, which they used for a variety of applications.
  • Infrastructure Automation – A frequent IT challenge is speeding up the process of creating new infrastructure. When terabytes of exploration and drilling data are being analyzed, server performance was often slow. Workload intensities were unpredictable.
  • Avantune’s Powua solved this problem by offering automatic load balancing.
  • Based on a customizable logic and workflow automation system, this Oil & Gas company could now have specific rules that governed how computing power was allocated to tasks.
  • With Avantune’s Powua they were also able to measure the usage of each task at a computing level, measure processor consumption and accordingly build a pattern of usage that would be used in predictive distributed computing enabled by the various modules provided as part of Avantune’s cloud management platform (Powua). Last but definitely not least,
  • Security & Collaboration – This company was able to address key security challenges. Their documents and other digital assets were made secure and they were able to leverage key business productivity applications to secure information, create secure communication and get access to key data analytics that helped them model and analyze exploration/well data.

Bottom line – this successful transformation has resulted:

  • Cost savings on space, equipment, hardware & infrastructure management
  • Increase overall speed and agility by simplifying the environments and
  • Improve internal processes and overall business productivity
  • Phase 2 of project implementation by integrating IoT to Powua (more info HERE)

Click here for a short video about Avantune’s Powua (Cloud Managemnt Platform)

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