A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage
A very angry aggressive woman is clenching her fists in rage

The Small Business Analytics Problem is Painful

The Small Business Manager is Challenged with Too many Business Intelligence choices. How does one makes sense ?

There are more than 50 mainstream business intelligence/analytics platforms available today that can help solve many different problems. Analytics, one of the highest priority items for any informed organization today, consist of features an functionalities that help work with data.

Where is SMB headed ?

Business Intelligence, a bigger word to define a larger set of Analytics has been around for many years. Typically business intelligence was born out of the need to analyze data and information from  various sources with an organization. The sales department may need to analyze information and find out which products are selling well in what regions, or what products are not selling and so on. Other departments using BI could be operations, project management, manufacturing, accounting and so on. Essentially the application pertains to anyone who works with data. The need to derive insights or meaningful information from data is key to making decisions.

Obviously the ability to visualize information is one of the most convenient things about an analytics platform and in case you have not wondered, that is the reason why graphs, charts and other means of a visual representation of data is key. If you are an avid user of PowerPoint or Excel you will know the value of using charts and graphs. They are convenient- simple !

What Comprises a Small Business ?

The Small Business Community is typically a company that has between a few to a few hundred employees. Different categorizations of SMS exist but for the sake of this analysis, let us assume that it is companies that fall into the few to few hundred people area. We could also categorize a business on the basis of revenues, but that is much more complicated. Categorization on the basis of profit would be a disaster and many of today’s billion dollar companies would fall into that category purely because despite a turnaround of billions they still fail to make a dime of profit. Lets leave that for next time.

Going back to the Small Business Category, think about mid market manufacturing, healthcare clinics, distributors, service companies, accounting firms, architect firms and so on. The list is endless. All of these would be a small business. Yu may want to ask, is small business really using analytics ? do they need such a complex platform to work with everyday ?

We also launched a more comprehensive report this month that specifically addresses this topic. You may download the full report here.

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